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Purpose of the assessment:

The purpose of this major project assignment is to develop a well-researched project planning document based on the overall parameters of a project and establish the appropriate project management and quality environment required to complete the chosen project.

Finally analyze project issues, conduct post-project review (i.e., lessons learned) and make recommendations for improvements for future projects.

In this assessment task, you will present a proposal for the major project assignment as a group of 3-4 people. Proposal template is available in Moodie.

You will choose the project from the networking or telecommunication area. The project duration should not be less than 6 Months. Having obtained approval for the proposed project from your lab tutor, your group is required to address all the stages of the project as outlined in the Project Management unit. The use of suitable project management software (e.g., MS Project 2010) is mandatory.

Assignment Description

The major group project assignment should include various phases of a project life cycle, such as initiating, planning, executing and closing a project. Project Management Plan helps the management team to maintain a constant focus towards delivering the major project in accordance with the customers' needs, wants, and expectations.

The development of such a plan is comprised of the business case (refined from the Charter), project objectives and goals, success criteria, scope, high level schedule, stakeholder accountabilities, the communication plan, benefits and costs, governance and resourcing, the management approaches and a high level risk plan.

These documents ensure a consistent understanding of the project, help to set expectations, and identify resources necessary to move the project to the next level of detailed planning. Major project must be delivered in a manner that captures the user's trust and confidence in the chosen projects ability to effectively and efficiently deliver quality services/products. In order to insure major project success, it is imperative that good project management principles are used early in the planning stage of a project. As the major project becomes more defined, the Project Management Plan will become the tool by which the project will be effectively managed.

Students should include all aspects of the project as if they were the Project Manager and it is a requirement of the subject that they include the use of software (Microsoft Project). Students are expected to show evidence of reading and research using credible resources including, but not confined to their prescribed text.

The assignment will be marked on the basis of depth of analysis, research, properly referenced and synthesized of a suitable and well argued response. Failure to complete and submit the assessment by the due time and date without prior approval will result in a fail for the subject.

Assessment will be on the basis of the realistic nature of the project and how well it is presented. You should present the final document in a form that would be consistent with the details of your chosen project, and written in Business English in a report format. Make sure that the timeline, the budget and the quality of the work is realistic, justifiable and sufficiently attractive to win a tender for a real project.


You will form a team of 3-4 people and work co-operatively to complete the chosen project. Your major group project report must consist of at least the following:

A clear outline of the project including title, start and end date, goals and objectives, etc. Gather project requirements (both functional and non-functional)

The envisaged project team members (title, skills/expertise, not names!)

Develop project plan

o Determine project scope

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

o Estimate time for your project

o Determine resource needs for your project

o Draw a Gantt Chart and Network Diagram for your project

o Estimate cost for your project

o Plan Quality for your project

o Stakeholder analysis for your project

o Plan communications for your project

o Plan project risks management

o Plan project deployment

Use of Microsoft Project to complete WBS, allocate time and resources, apply cost, and prepare Gantt chart and Network Diagram.

Project Signoff (page)

Post project review and recommendations

Submission guidelines:

The report should have a consistent, professional, and well-organized appearance. Create the report (Minimum 1800 Words) showing extensive use of MS Project.

1. Your report should include the following:

• The cover page must identify students' (name and number), teaching staff, and assignment.

• The assignment must use 1.5 spacing, 11-pt Calibri (Body) font with appropriate section headings.

• The report must include executive summary, table of contents, introduction, discussions (with heading/sub-headings to address the requirements listed above), conclusions and recommendations, references and appendices.

• Reference sources (APA style) must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list.

2. The assignment must be submitted in soft (electronic) copy under Moodie. The pages of the assignment must be clear on each page.

Reference no: EM132049770

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