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Prepare a Marymount faculty site and you have each been provided a professor to profile.  You have to use HTML5 and an external CSS. No styling should be included on the HTML5 page. All links must work on a computer other than the one you prepare the page on, and the pages must work in Firefox and Chrome.

Your assignment is to prepare a Web site that includes two pages and that both pages use the following format.

1559_Prepare a Marymount faculty site.png

All parts of the site should be in Arial font. Both pages must link to each other. Comments must be  included on each page and the pages must be appropriately named and have appropriate titles.

For the main page:

1. The wrapper should be dark blue (as close to Marymount blue as you can find)

2. The left column should be light gray and include a list of the faculty below, although the only one link that needs to work is your own assignment.

3. The rightcolumn should be pale blue.

4. The logo should say Marymount Faculty.

5. The floatright should be a Marymount logo.

6. The footer should be a dark blue and contain the copyright sign, your name as the Web master and the current date.

7. The content should be a short paragraph on faculty, the text is given below.

8. The Marymount logo (floatright) should link to the main Marymount web site.

For the individual faculty member page:

1. The wrapper, rightcolumn, footer, and leftcolumn should use the same colors at the main page.

2. The logo should list the name of the professor and be prominent on the page.

3. The floatright should be a photograph of the professor. If you cannot find one use your own photo.

4. The content should contain:

a. The position that the professor has and any additional positions they hold in the university

b. The contact information for the professor including email, telephone number, and room number

c. A description of the credentials of the teacher (including what degrees that they have and where they went to school) (found from the university Web site)

d. The discipline that the teacher is teaching in (e.g. Psychology)

e. A list of all the courses that the professor  is teaching this semester (find from the Schedule of Classes)





Karen Davis

Faculty paragraphs:

"Faculty refers to the academic staff of the university and includes professors of various rank: assistant professors, associate professors, and (full) professors.   Members of university administration (e.g., department chairs, deans, vice presidents, presidents, and librarians) are often also faculty members, in many cases beginning (and remaining) as professors.

Virtually all full-time faculty members at Marymount University hold terminal degrees in their fields, most holding a Ph.D. or equivalent doctorate degree.  Some professionals also teach at the university on a part-time basis  by teaching one or two courses each semester in their field of specialty. They are referred to as "adjunct" faculty.

Marymount University has some 150 full-time faculty members in the 2013-14 school year across a wide range of subjects from fashion design, to nursing, to information technology."

Reference no: EM131500


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