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Assignment -Market Entry Strategic Report

As individuals, students are required to select an Australian company as the basis of a case study. Once the company has been approved by your lecturer you will be required to prepare a detailed strategic report to management that analyses the macro-environmental, geopolitical risks and opportunities, as well as overall market attractiveness of entry of this company into BOTH a specific European AND Asian market.

Ideally your report will contain:

- An Executive Summary
- A brief introduction of the selected company
- Identification of the TWO countries selected for market entry (one European and one Asian)
- For each of the TWO countries provide a detailed analysis of
- The current macro-environmental and geopolitical forces impacting that country.
- Development of each country's trade and business policy.
- An assessment of the potential dangers, risks and opportunities in the current or short term policies of each country.
- Conclusion - After evaluating both countries students must make a recommendation of which one is most suited for market entry, along with your reasons and justifications of why.

A limit of 2000 words overall is to be strictly observed.

Your report must include formal title page and Holmes assignment coversheet. Ideally the report will be presented in Mal 12pt font with 1.5 lines spacing.

The Company which we have to consider is a Harvey Norman 

A limit of 2000 words overall (plus or minus 10%) is to be strictly observed. 

at least 10 – 15 academic reference are required 

Assessment Criteria: ? 
Report structure, format, presentation, excellence (3 marks) 
Application of Knowledge and course concepts (4 marks) ? 
Critical analysis and research demonstrated in country assessment (6 marks) ? Overall conclusion and strength of arguments/ recommendations (4 marks) ? Research quality and referencing (3 marks) 

Verified Expert

This is a detailed strategic report based on market entry strategies. The report provides an in depth analysis of macroeconomic, geopolitical, trade policy and other factors to explore the business potential in two countries namely Sri Lanka and Ireland. This is 2000 words report with in text citations and list of references.

Reference no: EM131021345


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