Planning and decision making

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Planning and Decision Making

Consider a decision you have made or were involved in recently that has had important consequences for you and/or your organization.

TYPES OF DECISIONS such as programmed decisions and nonprogrammed decisions.

Decision-Making Conditions

1) Decision making under Certainy

2) Decision making under risk

3) Decision making under uncertainy

Steps in the Rational Decision-Making Process

1) Recognizing and defining the decision making

2) Identifying alternatives

3) Evaluating alternatives

4) Selecting the best alternative

5) Implementing the chose alternative

6) Following up and evaluating the results

Group and Team Decision Making in Organizations

1) Interacting Groups and Teams

2) Delphi Groups

3) Nomial Groups

Types of Information Technology Capabilities and Competitive Advantage

Bhatt and Grover (2005) investigate information technology (IT) and its implications for value creation and organizational competitive advantage. It is a technical article from a statistical perspective and you are not expected to understand all of the statistical information, but the authors provide a good perspective of IT capabilities and their significance to organizational management. For this discussion please locate (and read) the Bhatt and Grover (2005) article titled "Types of Information Technology Capabilities and Their Role in Competitive Advantage: An Empirical Study".

Reference no: EM13525

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