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PESTEL Analysis

Just based on three factors

( It is a shoe company )

ECONOMIC ( Exchange rates. Provide examples according to the table)


ENVIRONMENTAL ( ecological or green products , recycling packages etc..)

Who is your main competitors and why?

Both Earth and Dockers Company. There are some reasons;

Year 15- Internet segment in Latin America Earth Company has a 36.6 percent market share and Dockers has a 19.4 percent market share.

Year 14- Earth Company is the highest wholesale segment with 21.3% in Latin America.

Both organization used celebrity endorsements. After my company, both companies spend money on advertising campaign.

Historical Exchange Rates   Angel Company

                                                                Decision Year
                                                       11         12          13         14             15    

North America Plant to
Europe-Africa (€ per US$)         0.7395    0.7398    0.7256    0.7272    0.7422    
Asia-Pacific (Sing$ per US$)      1.2498    1.2436    1.2355    1.2408    1.2433    
Latin America (R per US$)         2.2065    2.1839    2.1701    2.1810    2.2681    
Europe-Africa Plant to
North America (US$ per €)        1.3523    1.3517    1.3782    1.3751    1.3474    
Asia-Pacific (Sing$ per €)          1.6903    1.6810    1.7027    1.7062    1.6750    
Latin America (R per €)             2.9842    2.9516    2.9904    2.9985    3.0874    
Asia-Pacific Plant to
North America (US$ per Sing$)  0.8001    0.8041    0.8094    0.8059    0.8043    
Europe-Africa (€ per Sing$)       0.5916    0.5949    0.5873    0.5861    0.5970    
Latin America (R per Sing$)       1.7653    1.7559    1.7566    1.7577    1.8271    
Latin America Plant to
North America (US$ per R)         0.4532    0.4579    0.4608    0.4585    0.4409    
Europe-Africa (€ per R)              0.3351    0.3388    0.3344    0.3335    0.3239    
Asia-Pacific (Sing$ per R)           0.5665    0.5695    0.5693    0.5689    0.5473

Reference no: EM134181

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