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Monhegan Computers is considering whether to begin offering customers the option to have their old personal computers recycled when they purchase new systems. The recycling system would require Monhegan to invest $580,000 in the grinders and magnets used in the recycling process (that is at t=0). The company estimates that for each system it recycles, it would generate $1.50 in incremental revenues from the sale of scrap metal and plastics. The recycled computers will cost the firm nothing, but it will cost the firm $0.20 per unit to dispose of the toxic elements from the recycled computer. The firm expects to use the recycling equipment for five years, and at t=5 sell the recycling equipment for $20,000. The machinery will be depreciated at the five-year MACRS depreciation schedule. (The MACRS depreciation schedule for a five year life is: year 1-20%, year 2-32%, year 3-19.2%, year 4-11.52%, year 5-11.52%, year 6-5.76%. Note that a five year life lasts 6 years because of the half year convention for the first year, but the machinery is sold at t=5.) During the life of the machine no new capital expenditures or investments in working capital will be required. Monhegan estimates that in the first year of the recycling project, it could recycle 110,000 PCs and that this number will grow by 25% per year over the remaining four-year life of the recycling equipment. Monhegan uses a 18% discount rate to analyze capital expenditures and pays taxes equal to 30%. You must calculate the PFCFs. What is the project's NPV?

Reference no: EM131453918


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