Patriot act was used to guarantee the ignorance of american

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1. Do you believe Iraq was willing in so many areas (oil contracts, telecommunications, healthcare contracts, automobile contracts, etc.) to negotiate a partnership with the U.S.? Did this represent an attempt at peace from Iraq to the U.S.?

2. Ms. Lindauer stated, "The Patriot Act was used to guarantee the ignorance of the American people, so you will be deprived of real factual information that you could use to make an educated choice about what you want from leadership and foreign policy." Is Ms. Lindauer just cynical at the U.S. after her prison ordeal or is she justified? (Base your decision & explanation on watching both videos: Easton's & Lindauer's).

3. Susan Lindauer states, "It probably took a team of 10 to wire the WTC with explosives, but that's what they did. And the reason they did it was they wanted the war in Iraq, they wanted war in Afghanistan, because they wanted to control the pipeline, they wanted to shift it away from Iran." Does James Easton's theory seem more plausible now? How do you feel that a former CIA asset revealed this information? How does it make you view the policies, procedures, & ethics of the U.S. Government?

4. Do you believe Ms. Lindauer did everything possible to inform the appropriate people of the eminent danger of the 9/11 attacks? What is your reaction in learning that Lindauer's handler (Dr. Richard Fuse), received $13 million in "Hush/Blood" money?

-you have to watch all the video
-ansowrs between 5 and 8 sentences
-I want it to be ready in 24 hours from now

Reference no: EM13806861


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