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Multiple Choice Questions

 1. Which of the following statements is a useful guideline for setting cutoff scores? 

A. Cutoff scores should be consistent with normal expectations of acceptable proficiency within the workforce.

B. The job relatedness of assessment procedures should not be correlated with validity.

C. A single "best" method of setting cutoff scores should be identified.

D. Cutoff scores should be set to maximize true positives. 

2. When using ___________, each finalist has an equal chance of being selected. 

A. ranking

B. random selection

C. clinical prediction

D. grouping 

3. When using ___________, finalists are ordered from the most desirable to the least desirable based on results of discretionary assessments. 

A. ranking

B. random selection

C. clinical prediction

D. grouping 

4. When using ___________, finalists are banded together into rank-ordered categories. 

A. ranking

B. random selection

C. clinical prediction

D. grouping

5. In terms of who should participate in selection decision making (i.e., HR professionals vs. line managers), HR professionals would be least likely to ________. 

A. make the hiring decision

B. establish selection procedures

C. ensure relevant laws and regulations are being followed

D. represent the interests of employees to management 

6. In which of the following assessment procedures is the participation of line managers most needed? 

A. initial assessment

B. substantive methods

C. discretionary methods

D. background investigations

7. Employees are most likely to be involved in hiring decision making if they are organized in __________. 

A. solo work

B. functional harmony

C. teams

D. none of the above

8. If an organization wishes to comply with the law and still increase the diversity of its workforce, it should ___________. 

A. de-emphasize selection based on KSAOs

B. use recruitment as a tool for attracting a more diverse and qualified applicant pool

C. use clinical and other subjective prediction methods

D. all of the above 

9. Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures establish guidelines for record-keeping ___________. 

A. of applicants' sex

B. of applicants' race

C. for major job categories

D. all of the above

Reference no: EM13542188


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