Ontology-axiology-epistemology and methodology

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Please help me understand ontology, axiology, epistemology, and methodology. I also need to understand how these relate to phenomenology and hermeneutics.

Reference no: EM1381509

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Problems regarding parenting and work : Critically discuss some of the ways in which society might respond to help reduce the problems that arise when both parents work? Should these responses be the responsibility of the parents, the employer, or the government?
Bush doctrine-principle of self-defense : The United Nations Charter allows countries to use force in self-defense. According the "Bush doctrine," the principle of self-defense gives the United States has the right to intervene in countries that might give WMDs to terrorists
Equipment for analyzing the bullet : At a situation, the investigators found a bullet lodged into the window frame above the woman’s desk.What kinds of equipment are forensic scientists most likely to use when analyzing the bullet?
Determine distinct canonical names required-ip multicasting : Let N users participating in the audio/video conference by using IP multicasting. Each user is equipped with the microphone, camera, and speakers. How many distinct canonical names are required?
Ontology-axiology-epistemology and methodology : Please help me understand ontology, axiology, epistemology, and methodology. I also need to understand how these relate to phenomenology and hermeneutics.
Foreign policy hawks and constructive realists : What were the differences between the foreign policy "hawks" and "constructive realists" in the Bush administration? Which position would you find more convincing in 2002? Which position is more convincing now?
Significance of code enforcement research : Critically discuss the significance of code enforcement research conducted by the Urban Institute, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the National Science Foundation, and the U.S. Fire Administration/National Fire Academy.
Solving biochemistry problem : Suppose that the cell membrane is permeable to water but not to ions, Explain what will happen to the cell in terms of osmosis. If the membrane were permeable to ions,
Macro system problem of crime and delinquency : In brief outline the three macro systems theories and critically discuss how each of these perspectives would explain the macro system problem of crime and delinquency.


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