Oceanic fishery collapses from overfishing

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If an oceanic fishery collapses from overfishing, what are three sorts of actions that might be taken to help the fishery recover? Also use and explain what is meant by the term "commercially extinct"Remember that fish are the only wildlife that are still hunted on a mass commercial basis (go back through history to what happened to the land and bird species that were market hunted during the last century). Also, only a few marine species farm very well for aquaculture. Crabs and lobsters for example do not,they're cannibalistic both aside from dismembering each other they don't feed enough in captivity to grow to marketable size, it's been tried. Also, what are some of the environmental effects of farm fishing in Asia?

Reference no: EM13169851

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Oceanic fishery collapses from overfishing : If an oceanic fishery collapses from overfishing, what are three sorts of actions that might be taken to help the fishery recover?
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