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1-All but which of the following are key success factors in the movie rental industry for the next 3-5 years?

A-The ability to attract and retain a customer base that is large enough to be profitable and spread fixed costs

B-A delivery system that includes both DVD rentals and VOD.

C-A wide selection of titles.

D-Having a physical presence so the company can differentiate its offerings based on service and quality and to give customers the opportunity to view the product.

2-Which of the following is not one of the elements of Netfix's six-pronged strategy

A-Providing a comprehensive selection of movie DVDs.

B-Aggressive marketing to attract subscribers and build widespread awareness.

C-Broadening its selection to include a stronger focus on video games.

D-No due dates for returns.

3-Which of the following is the most sustainable of Netflix's competitive advantages over its competitors.

A-Its wide selection of titles

B-Its proprietary CineMatch software

C-Its one-day business delivery.

D-Its brand name recognition.

Reference no: EM13172315

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