Naturally occurring movement of the foot in normal gait

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1. Which of the following is a naturally occurring movement of the foot in a normal gait:

A) Pronation

B) Supination

C) Retroversion

D) Ante-version

2. The stance phase of a gait cycle is measured from

A) Toe-off to Touch-down of the same leg

B) Touch-down to Toe-off of the same leg

C) The time the foot contacts the ground, until the time the opposite leg contacts the ground

D) The time the foot leaves the ground, until the time the opposite leg touches down again

3. When examining running mechanics to increase stride efficiency, which of the following characteristics should be minimized:

A) Any plantarflexion of the foot during the swing phase

B) The amount of time the foot remains behind the runner's center of gravity

C) The time after toe-off to the initiation of the hip flexors (which pull the swing leg forward, moving the foot back in front of the runner)

D) All of the above should be minimized as they are indications of poor backside mechanics

4. Which of the following provides a reasoning for why the path of arm action during sprinting should be directed vertically:

A) Horizontal arm actions counterbalance or allows for lateral rotations of the pelvis, and minimizing this is ideal

B) Vertical arm actions promote, or even raise, the body's center of gravity, which can increase stride length

C) Strong vertical arm actions can generate momentum and potentially slow the rate of deceleration during maximum efforts

D) All of the above are true

5. Frontside mechanics refers to any action of the gait cycle that occurs infront of the Center of Gravity. Ideal frontside mechanics during sprinting display:

A) Dorsiflexion of the foot

B) Knee flexion to a position of 90 degrees

C) Hip flexion to 90 degrees in relationship to the torso, but no further

D) All of the above

Reference no: EM13264380

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