Most corporations pay quarterly dividends on common stock

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Most corporations pay quarterly dividends on their common stock rather than annual dividends. Barring any unusual circumstances during the year, the board raises, lowers, or maintains the current dividend once a year and then pays this dividend out in equal quarterly installments to its shareholders.

a. Suppose a company currently pays an annual dividend of $6.00 on its common stock in a single annual installment, and management plans on raising this dividend by 6.25 percent per year indefinitely. If the required return on this stock is 9 percent, what is the current share price?

Current share price            $

b. Now suppose the company in part (a) actually pays its annual dividend in equal quarterly installments; thus, the company has just paid a dividend of $1.50 per share, as it has for the previous three quarters. What is your value for the current share price now? (Hint: Find the equivalent annual end-of-year dividend for each year.) (Do not round intermediate calculations and round your answer to 2 decimal places, e.g., 32.16.)

Current share price            $

Reference no: EM131521833


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