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revise this work for me please due today by 7pm hawaii time zone

The work is already done for you see the attachment below

Retrieve your Milestone 4 rough draft and assess the feedback you got from tutoring, your classmates, and your editor (the instructor).

Assess how you're currently using sources, what kind of information from the sources you're including, and what else you might want to include; what other type of source material might you need?

Once you've decided what type of source you need, research for it, using The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division Online Library and other credible search engines, such as or

Ensure your draft is properly cited, using MLA manuscript formatting and in-text citations.

Submitted revised 2 page rough draft of Role Model Profile.

Incorporated the use of 3 sources; attempted MLA format.

Followed standard rules of English grammar, mechanics, syntax, and sentence construction.

Reference no: EM131131141

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