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Alfred Muller &Co. produces wheat flour for large bakeries. It has four mills and five markets. The capacities of each mill, demands from each market and transportation cost of sending a ton of flour from a mill to a market are given in the table given below. The company seeks to develop a plan to minimize the transportation costs. a) Determine the objective function and constraints. b) Find the minimum cost and the amounts of flour sent from each mill to the markets using Excel Solver. From Mills To Markets Supply (Tons) Market 1 Market 2 Market 3 Market 4 Market 5 Mill 1 $80 $70 $75 $50 $40 30000 Mill 2 $60 $65 $80 $70 $60 55000 Mill 3 $50 $85 $60 $85 $70 45000 Mill 4 $70 $55 $50 $75 $85 50000 Demand (Tons) 40000 30000 25000 35000 50000

Reference no: EM13964067


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