Mention the six steps in factor rating for location decision

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1. ABC analysis can be used with other criteria than annual dollar value. Four of these are ---

2. Objectives of using inventory modeling are to _(a)___________________ , with trade-off between total cost of holding inventory, (b) -------------------------------------/ (c) --------------------------- (Please fill up the blank)

3. Please mention the five strategies employed in Aggregate planning

4. (a) Please indicate True or False--- "Scheduling of specific worker or product can be done in Aggregate planning" (TRUE/FALSE)

(b) Please indicate True or False ----"Flexible manufacturing systems use computer control for both workstation and material handling system" ---True/ False

5. Please mention the six steps in Factor Rating for location decision

6. Please mention the 4 ways of fixing labour standards

7. Ergonomics is the study of interface between ---------------------------------- and ________________________ (please fill up the blank)

8. Work sampling can be used to (Please give four uses)

Reference no: EM13797166


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