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Make a project risk register:

You are planning to install a turnstile at the entrance to the student centre at Kabianga University. As the project Engineer, you have done your best to meticulously plan for the project but still the following risks may occur:

By preparing a project risk register, determine how much reserve in days will be needed for time on the turnstile project?

A. A 40 % probability of a 8-day delay in receiving student approval of this new concept.

B. A 10 % probability that the equipment installation and testing will take 14 days less than planned.

C. A 30 % probability that computer system synchronization with MIS in place will be rejected causing 45 day delay.

D. 20 % probability that a local IT expert will be available resulting in a 2-week savings.

E. 30 % chance that procurement appeals will lead to 21-day delay due to determination of legal process.

Reference no: EM131160177


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