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1.Why is biogenesis important for the germ theory of disease? Are they mutually exclusive or highly dependent on each other?Who first suggested that the use of aseptic techniques would have a profound effect on the contraction of human diseases? In your answer, be sure to describe this effect.

Find at least three food or commercial products made by microorganisms. If the product meets the preceding criteria, it will either state the scientific name of the microorganism that generated it, or it will contain the word culture, fermented, or brewed.
Have they always been made using microorganisms? If not, then what are the advantages of using microorganisms compared to the original way they were made? If they have always been made by using microorganisms, then what are the risks of this method and is there research into reducing these risks? Use at least one primary and one secondary resource.
Module1_Activity3, by clicking on the following link:

Once there, watch the videos listed. These videos introduce you to some of the major challenges facing scientists and doctors as they try to combat emerging, highly infectious, and resistant microbes.

When you watch the videos, make note of instances where the increased use of certain aseptic techniques and/or other human interventions or actions has actually led to a higher incidence of diseases resistant to current treatments or the emergence of infectious agents never seen before.
In your discussion post, describe two instances of increased disease and the underlying causes. Explain how you think the medical and scientific community should respond.

Reference no: EM13156242

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