Load flow studies are performed to investigate

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Load flow studies are performed to investigate the which features of a power system network?


Reference no: EM131032524


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  Does the field rotate clockwise or counterclockwise

The magnetic field produced in the air gap of an induction motor by the stator windings is given by B=Bm cos(wt-2theta) in which theta is angular displacement in the counterclockwise direction as illustrated.

  Perform the same calculation for the bottom string of guitar

Waves and Strings: compute the tension in the top string (i.e. E string, lowest note) of a properly tuned guitar. You will likely need to spend a couple minutes on the internet to obtain length and any other important properties of the string.

  Design a static cmos circuit for a 4-bit comparator circuit

Design a static CMOS circuit for a 4-bit comparator circuit. The comparator circuit takes 2 bit strings as inputs, and returns the larger one. For example, for the inputs 0100 and 0011, the circuit will return 0100.

  Determine the annual favorable usage in hours per year

Assuming interest at 8% compounded anually and insurance at 6% of book value, determine the annual usage in hours per year for which the two alternatives are equal. If annual usage is expected to be greater than this result, which of the alternati..

  Determine what would be the voltage in the capacitor at t

Suppose that a current x(t) = e^-0.5t for t > or equal to 0, and zero otherwise is applied to a discharged capacitor of capacitance C =1F at t = 0 sec. What would be the voltage in the capacitor at t= 1 seconds

  Design for a minimum number of logic gates

Include the unused states in the design, arranging the circuit to switch from any unused state to the 'main sequence' within one clock cycle, and show the state diagram that applies here. Clearly show all the steps of the design procedure used.

  Find the maximum acceptable propagation loss for the system

Find the maximum acceptable propagation loss for the system, given that the transmit power at the base station is 30W, base station feeder losses are 15 dB, the base station antenna gain is 6 dB, the mobile antenna gain is 0 dBi and the mobile fee..

  Determine whether discrete-time systems are causal or not

Determine whether the foolowing discrete-time systems are causal or non cancausal, have memory or are memoryless, are linear or non linear, are time invariant or time varying. Justify your answer. In the following parts, x[n] is an arbitrary input..

  Question 1consider two digital sequenceshere m is a

question 1consider two digital sequenceshere m is a positive integer and is a value in the intervala using the

  Find the phase voltage and phase current at the load

The transformer input is a three wire three phase 120V (line-to-line) system. the transformer output supplies a "Y" connected three phase load with a phase impedance of 600 + j300 ohms. A. sketch the diagram of the system described above.

  Determine the minimum numbber of bit required for each word

1) Determine the number of possible PCM values that can be encoded for (a) 6 bits and (b) 10 bits. 2)it is desired to represent an analog signal in no less than 500 values. determine the minimum numbber of bits required for each word.

  What voltage amd power gain expected with the load connected

an amplifier with 40dB of small signal , open circuit voltage gain ,an input resistance of 1 Mega ohm , and an output resistance of 10 ohm , drives a load of100 ohm. What voltage amd power gain (expressed in dB) would u expect with the load connec..

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