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Leadership Change Project

Leaving your organization better off than when you started is the mark of a valuable employee. Whether you are interviewing for a new position or undergoing a performance evaluation, you should be able to discuss several instances of when you took initiative and added value to your organization. The leadership change project challenges you to identify, plan, and prepare a leadership change management process. You will select an area of an organization that you belong to that needs change. Ask yourself what is not working well or what is not being done to improve the effectiveness of the organization?

If you are already part of a change initiative in your organization, you cannot use that for your project. The change must be your own new idea and no one else's. This change project may be an initiative that you would like or need to engage in as part of your professional, community, or service work. This plan for leading organizational change should be significant in nature. It should answer the question: what is not currently being done that could be done to help achieve the organization's mission? Take a scholarly academic approach to this project.

This change proposal must be approved by management of the organization, and must be a change that the organization plans to actually implement or is willing to state in writing that it is feasible for implementation. If the change proposal is within your ability to approve that is permissible for this assignment.

Reference no: EM131448943

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