Jet-type pumps are sometimes used for special purposes such

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Jet-type pumps are sometimes used for special purposes, such as to circulate the flow in basins in which fish are being reared. The use of a jet-type pump eliminates the need for mechanical machinery that might injure the fish. Figure 1 below illustrates the principle of the jet pump.

Figure 2 shows the basic concept of the application in a fish tank. For this type
of tank, the jets would have to increase the water surface elevation by an amount equal to (6V^2)/2g, where V is the average velocity in the tank. Propose a basic design for a jet system that would make such a recirculating system work for a tank channel that is 8 ft wide and 4 ft deep. That is, determine the speed, size and number of jets.

Reference no: EM13625483


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