Intrapersonal and psychological barriers on interview

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Part A: Essay plan

For the first part of this assignment, you are required to do an essay plan on the template provide (Click on the link to download the Essay Plan template). This plan is for your whole essay (Part B). See Part B below for assignment topics.

1. Write the topic at the top of the page.

2. Write your thesis in the middle of page.

3. Develop topic sentences (main idea for each body paragraph and put into the rectangles. (Note the first topic sentence on the plan will be the basis for the first body paragraph in Part B of this assignment). Remember, use sentences, not phrases or headings. They should reflect a stance that supports your thesis.

4. Include supporting points under the topic sentences.

5. Once you've completed the topic sentences and supporting points, number them in the paragraph order you will be using in the essay.

6. Please see module 1 for an example of a plan.

Doing this plan should help you with part B of this assignment. The topic sentences (main points) you've developed will be the basis for the overview in your introduction. The information in the first rectangle will be the basis for the body paragraph for part B.

Please see the sample Part A - Essay Plan by clicking on the link. (NOTE: This plan is based on a different essay question from yours. This is just to give you an idea of the layout and what is expected on an essay plan).

Part B: The Essay

Write a 1500 word essay on one of the following topics. This is a communication course so it is important that your discussion of the topic is written from a communication perspective.

Topic: An interview can sometimes be unsuccessful because of intrapersonal / psychological barriers but strategies can be used to minimise this barrier. Do you agree/disagree?

You can relate this to your future profession if you wish. Here are some examples of different professional contexts:
• Psychologist;
• Actor;
• Teacher;
• Manager;(For me choose this one to relates the topic)

This is a choice though; you may just want to use a general approach.

Please read the following before starting your essay.

Note: These readings should be a starting point for your research.

• Chapter 9, 12 & 14, Kossen, Kiernan & Lawrence
• Module 8 - Oral communication & Module 10 - Barriers to communication

NOTE: Information from the modules should not be used as a source in the essay (you will need 5 or more resources in total), although you can use the textbook. This is because the modules are designed to be more instructional than academic.

• Please write minimum 6 references in your bibliography at the end of assignment.


For this planning assignment you will need to think about the topic. You will need to decide what your viewpoint on this topic is. In other words, do you agree, disagree, or perhaps think there are two sides to the question. What you think about the topic, will be your thesis statement.

Use the modules to become familiar with the topic, but avoid using them in the essay.

• Use 5 (minimum) or more different sources.
• You can use either Harvard or APA referencing styles.
• Avoid using web pages.
• Use academically credible sources.
• Try EBSCO host for journal articles.

Important Note for Part A -Essay Plan Template:

1- Choose 4main Topic sentence and 1Thesis statement on which you going to write your essay in detail and for introduction part in essay writing in part B.

2- Write each topic sentence in Essay Plan Template in sequence ...For example write topic sentence 1 in topic sentence 1 box field provided in template which is editable.

3- For each topic sentence which you write in 4 topic sentence boxes field you have to provide three key points to support your topic sentence for each topic sentence which are related to the topic sentence.

4- Don't worry about topic sentence 5 field or box which is given in template and Essay Plan Template is editable.

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Reference no: EM131032731


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