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Can someone help with a description of two intervention techniques or approaches (Behavioral Couple Therapy, Emotionally focused Couple Therapy, Integrative Problem-Centered Couple Therapy, and Imago Relationship Therapy) that might be applied to the attached case study? Also, can you help me to explain how and why each technique or approach would be applied to the case study? (Case Study Below)

Case Study:

Tanya and Nicole have been in a relationship for two years. They have bought a new home together, share finances, and have begun talking about options for beginning a family. Tanya has a great relationship with her parents and sibling, who are accepting of her sexual orientation and her relationship with Nicole. Tanya has no barriers in her profession and feels comfortable with her identity as a lesbian. Nicole is not openly gay in her profession or her family of origin, however. She lives 200 miles from her parents and has told them she has a female roommate. Tanya has indicated that she will not start a family with Nicole until she comes out to her family of origin. Nicole indicates that her family would reject her and her lifestyle. They have entered counseling in order to help resolve this conflict.

Reference no: EM1358597

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