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Q 1: Discuss how the combination of Internet technologies and Robotics will displace jobs in the next ten years. Provide examples of business sectors and jobs that will be significantly affected by the widespread availability of robots linked through the Internet to provide task automation.

Q 2: Apply the "Competitive Threats Acting on the e-Business" framework by Chaffey illustrated below to analyse Glam Media's business organization ( You need to use the components of the framework to structure your discussions about each factor affecting Glam Media (e.g., identifying and discussing digital products/services that have an impact on Glam Media's business). Conclude your analysis by identifying and discussing the key competitive threats affecting Glam Media and suggesting e-Business channel initiatives to counter the threats.

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Q 3: Read about "Crowdsourcing" platforms supporting microwork such as Amazon's Mechanical Turk.

Describe an example/scenario that illustrates how a crowdsourcing platform can be used to semi-automate financial industry related tasks. Discuss the main barriers that need to be tackled so that the automation scenario described can be effectively executed.

Reference no: EM135413


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