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Key Concepts

The social movements of the 1960s questioned how the inalienable rights of all Americans were being actualized in this country. According to Gosse (2008), if we are all created equal then everyone in this country should have:

1. The right to not be segregated and despised because of your color

2. The right to vote and be represented by someone like yourself

3. The right to walk down the street unmolested, without fear of violence

4. The right to protest without being labeled a subversive

5. The right to equal access to education, housing and jobs without regard to race or gender

6. The right to love whom you want, when you want and how you want

7. The right to be left alone, to privacy and control over your own body

Review the rights listed in the Key Concepts section of this unit. Addressing each of these, discuss how they influence your life today.

Reference no: EM1383040

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