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IMAT5233 Intelligent Mobile Robotics - De Montfort University

Learning outcome 1: A critical awareness of current techniques used for mapping and localisation

Learning outcome 2: A comprehensive understanding of stochastic techniques for robot mapping and localisation.

Learning outcome 3: Demonstrate originality in the application of knowledge of robot mapping and localisation.


For this assignment you will be using the PeopleBot robot (and MobileSim simulator) and the Aria C++ libraries, or the language you used in the previous assignment. You should also use your submission for the previous assignment as a starting point for this assignment.

Assignment Specification:

You must write a program which allows the robot to localise (identify the position of) itself within a 2D map which the robot has been given prior. The localised position should include:
• X position in units of your choice
• Y position in units of your choice
• Heading (theta) in degrees
The robot must report its position at least once a second in one or more of the following ways:
• Output to the console
• Map centric graphical view
• Robot centric graphical view

Your report should outline how your program identifies the position of the robot, giving all of your working with appropriate diagrams. It should include the following sections:

1) Introduction
2) Localisation technique
3) Software Implementation (basic overview with snippets - not a code listing)
4) Testing and Results
5) Conclusions
6) Bibliography

Attachment:- Intelligent Mobile Robotics.rar

Reference no: EM132608878


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