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Assignment Details: Argumentative Essay (Phase 2)

Successful use of research in writing includes properly incorporating the evidence, honestly crediting the sources, and building an outline that lays out the evidence systematically to support your thesis statement. An outline is meant to help you establish a structure for a paper that you are going to write. It is a way for you to demonstrate the main argument (thesis), main points (topic sentences), and main pieces of evidence that you are going to present in a paper before actually writing the paper. Additionally, one of the essential purposes of an outline is to convey the connection between the thesis and each of the topic sentences, clearly (Ashford University, 2013).

1. Find 2 additional resources to support your position on the topic you selected in Unit 1. Use the preliminary resources you found in Week 1 to begin this process, or refine your research according to instructor feedback on your Unit 1 assignments. Make sure you have at least 3 credible and scholarly sources to support your argument (1 of these may be from the bibliography provided in Unit 1).

• For assistance, use this AIU Library Databases Tour.

2. Read all of your resources, and identify facts that support your main points (topic sentences) to support your position.

3. Begin writing an outline to build your essay's structure based on the thesis statement you developed in Unit 1. Use this worksheet to start writing out the main points of your paper (topic sentences).

• List each topic sentence as a separate sentence.

• Under each topic sentence, provide supporting evidence by incorporating facts through summaries or paraphrases and in-text citations.

• Under each summary or paraphrase, explain how the supporting evidence does in fact support the claim you are making in the topic sentence (the "So what" for each summary and paraphrase).

4. Create a References page in APA format with each source cited in your outline.

5. Submit the outline developed in Step 3 as well as the reference page from Step 4. Make sure your submission is in APA format (i.e., double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font, and APA-style in-text citations and References page).

For help with formatting your paper; using quotations, paraphrases, and in-text citations; and creating a reference list, refer to the AIU APA Guide.

Information related to above question is enclosed below:

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Reference no: EM132013692


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