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1. Identify seven different professionally-oriented roles an engineer may perform and in a minimum of two sentences, describe what they do. Use either the internet, Cline Library, or other resources to find published/written publications that illustrate your selected roles. For example:

a. An engineering educator helps students develop the technical and professional skills to successfully enter the workforce upon graduation.

An engineering educator promotes a safe learning environment and designs course materials, homework assignments, and activities to help students achieve competency in both technical and professional skills that are relevant to the course and at an appropriate level based on the sequence within the degree progression.

2. In a half page, reflect on what role in engineering intrigues you the most and why. Brief example answers:

a. "I am very interested in marine vessel engineering. I have wanted to design and build yachts since I first took a tour on the Queen Mary in 1985 as a 5th - grader. Ace Marine, Ltd, [ ] is a company that designs and tests ship designs-their company shows that I could be a ship-oriented engineer, too, with hard study and a little luck."

b. "Nano-material Engineering is very interesting to me. I find it fascinating that engineers can design things at a size so small that an electron microscope is required to check the work. Yet, classes to do just that sort of design and/or fabrication are being developed at the State University of New York [ ]."

As part of sections one and two, we are introducing and reinforcing the idea of citing your references while engaging in research. Please include citations to all of the resources you used in answering these questions.

Reference no: EM13860391


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