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Case You must demonstrate the ability to provide support for one worker and monitor stress and emotional wellbeing

During role play 1, you will be required to demonstrate the following:

· Monitor stress and emotional wellbeing of colleagues, and where issues arise, take appropriate action in accordance with organisation standards and procedures

· Use practices that acknowledge and accept differences and accurately identify diverse needs of colleagues

· Identify required professional and personal performance standards and use to monitor stress and emotional wellbeing

· Regularly use self-assessment and reflective behaviour strategies to monitor performance

· Regularly seek formal and informal performance feedback and act upon it as appropriate

· Plan appropriately to identify current and potential areas of need within organisation and develop proposals to support these areas

Roleplay Scenario:

Tom has been working as a caseworker at your welfare organisation for the last 10 months. As he usually interacts with clients from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds, he has been exposed to stories of abuse and trauma in his work. Since you are the senior caseworker in your team, he has been seeing you for the last 2 months for supervision. He has disclosed that he has experienced feeling overwhelmed at hearing his clients' stories and still thinks a lot about his work in his personal time. He has also mentioned that this has started to impact negatively on his personal relationships.

Reference no: EM133523041


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