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What is this project?

This project provides an opportunity to get some hands-on experience applying corporate finance theory and models to real firms. In the process, participants will get a chance to value a publicly traded company of your own choice.

I. Company overview (nature of business, industry structure and main competitors).

II. Company Risk profile.

III. Historical company performance. Provide a detailed ratio analysis for the last five years including a comparative analysis with its industry.

IV. Company Valuation using the Enterprise DCF Valuation Model discussed in Chapter 6 of the KGW (McKinsey Valuation book, see page 3 below). Your DCF analysis must include detailed financial forecasts (SEE CHAPTER 6-10 OF KGW) and all relevant assumptions must be clearly stated. Your discussion of valuation estimation methods must include the following at a minimum:

a. Identification and discussion of key value drivers for the company

b. Sensitivity analysis including a triangulation of the estimates.

c. Estimation of value per share for the company based on your analysis and must also report the market price per share for the company as at the close of trading on Friday, November 22, 2015.

*KGW refers the Valuation textbook by Koller, Goedhart and Wessels book.

Your report should be no longer than five type written double spaced pages (excluding exhibits) summarizing your key findings. In all cases each exhibit you attach must be specifically linked and properly referenced in the body of your report.

You must include a cover page followed by a half-page executive summary.

Your final report will be presented in class in the last week (last two sessions) of the semester.

Your presentation must meet the following guidelines:
o Use a maximum of 10 minutes
o Use powerpoint slides
o Present the main points of your report

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Reference no: EM13873408

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