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In some ways, the futuristic film, Elysium, is a metaphor for how the United States is today, and it is also very much related to the issues of colonialism, racism, and imperialism addressed in the documentary, The End of Poverty.

We know that there has been a double growth in the American economy in the past thirty years, and yet such growth has only benefited a very small portion of the population. In fact, the 400 richest Americans now have more wealth than the bottom 150 million Americans.

Furthermore, members of the low wage labor force have seen their wages declined by about 2S percent since the 1980s - in other words, the lives of many Americans have declined while the economy has prospered greatly over the past thirty years.

Despite the hard fact that wealth and income inequality has risen dramatically, research shows us that most Americans still believe in the idea of a meritocracy, and by extension, the American Dream. Using ideas from lectures and your own knowledge, why do you think this is the case9 Then.

First discuss how you think the film Elysium is a good symbolism of contemporary American life, and second, how do you think the issues covered in The End of Poverty play a role in the economic structures of the United States today.

Reference no: EM132012504


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