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Q1. A positive charge of q = 3.5 µC is pulled on by two negative charges. One, -2.0 µC, is 0.050 m to the north and the other, -4.0 µC, is d = 0.029 m to the south. What total force is exerted on positive charge?

Q2. If air drag is negligibly small, how fast is a sequoia cone moving while it reaches the ground if it dropped from the top of a 114 tree?

Q3. Liquid nitrogen has a boiling point of 77.3 K and a latent heat of vaporization of 2.01 105 J/kg. A 60.0-W electric heating element is immersed in an insulated vessel containing 46.5 L of liquid nitrogen at its boiling point. How various kilograms of nitrogen are boiled away in a period of 7.50 h?

Reference no: EM137776


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