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Designed for you to demonstrate your knowledge about providing service to clients and creating an induction booklet.


Task A - Induction Booklet
Your salon manager has mentioned to you that a new staff member will be commencing work in the salon in two weeks' time.
The manager has asked you to explain to the new employee what is expected in your workplace in regards to providing services to clients.

You decide that the best way to do this is to document all the experience you have in this area in a booklet that is easy for any new employee to read.

The booklet will be titled "Induction Booklet for Providing Salon Services to Clients".

It must contain the following headings:

Each heading will contain a minimum of one to two paragraphs outlining the expectations of all salon staff members and it will be based on the workplace policies and procedures for your salon.

1. How to greet salon clients, identify their needs and direct them to a designated area.

2. How to look up client records and enter service and sales information into existing client records.

3. How to start a record card for a new client.

4. How to answer the telephone and schedule and confirm an appointment.

5. Management's expectations in regards to working in the hair and beauty industry, including positive communication techniques.

6. Tips for going above and beyond the client's expectations of good customer service.

7. What to do when a client with special needs enters the salon.

8. How to process sales, returns and refunds.

9. Farewell clients and encourage repeat custom.

10. Current legislation in regards to providing service to clients in a salon.

Task B - Diary Entry
Scenario: On the 1st May, Mrs Comino entered the salon, and after waiting 10 minutes to be greeted, proceeded to explain to you that she was booked in for her appointment at 10am. You couldn't quite understand what she was saying as she had a heavy Italian accent and after you double-checked the appointment book, you still couldn't find her appointment. You told her that it wasn't possible to fit her in today as the salon was booked out and she would have to reschedule her appointment. She wasn't happy and wanted to speak to the manager.

Afterwards, the manager wanted to speak with you. However, before this meeting could take place, the manager asked you to write down what happened in detail. The manager also wanted you to write down how the situation could have been handled differently to create a positive outcome for Mrs Comino.

You are required to reflect on the situation and create a diary entry detailing the situation on the 1st May with Mrs Comino. In your diary entry, you must include:

1. The nature of the complaint - You can include what the client requested and the words you used to address this.

2. Once you referred the complaint to the manager, what steps did they take to resolve the issue?

3. What could you have done to turn this incident around so that Mrs Comino could have experienced a positive outcome?

4. What follow up action could you take to ensure Mrs Comino is happy with the resolution and will return as a customer?

5. What could you do in the future to prevent situations like this happening again?

6. List the steps in your salon procedure for handling a client complaint.

Reference no: EM131734139

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When you submit an assessment task you MUST declare that the work is your own. The date of submission of your work will be considered as the date on which a completed authentication statement is completed with your assessment task. If you do not complete an authentication statement with your assessment task, your work will not be marked. This document describes how you will be assessed and what evidence you need to submit to demonstrate Competency in respect of this Assessment Task. This is the list the assessor will use to mark your work. Part A Created an ‘easy to read’ induction booklet for new employees in Part A, including all required information? ? Yes ? MER ? No Part B Reflected on the scenario in Part B and answered all questions in the form of a diary entry? ? Yes ? MER ? No


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Has the learner submitted a completed and signed Authentication Statement? ? Yes ? No Has reasonable adjustment been made by the assessor in assessing the learner’s competency in respect of this Assessment Task? ? Yes ? No If Yes, the assessor must specify the arrangements of the reasonable adjustment. Name of assessor Signature of assessor Date of assessment Overall Result for this Assessment Task Satisfactory ? Not Satisfactory ? More Evidence Required (MER) ? If resubmission is required, provide date. If resubmission is required, specify requirements. Insert here as required. E.g. The following specific parts of the Assessment Task must be resubmitted. or E.g. The complete Assessment Task is to be resubmitted.

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