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What I have learned from perceptual binding is that it is interrelated with the neurons in our brain. The fact is, that some of these topics are not easy to understand. Sometimes have a hard time with some of these concepts. I am starting to learn that the mind is like a filing cabinet. We file, organize and retrieve items almost instantaneously. Our perceptions of these things help our mind to file the items in their correct place. One very good example was an episode on SpongeBob Squarepants from TV (Ok, so it's a children's show, but he makes me laugh, so why not?) I remember watching one episode of the cartoon, where we were able to see into SpongeBob's brain. Inside, there were little filing cabinets. This is where I was able to really understand the different concepts of the neurological working aspects of the brain.

1) So, my question is what happens if someone's neural patterns are irregular?

2) How does this affect their perception of things?

3) What type of accident or disorder might cause someone's neural patterns to be irregular and affect their perception of things?

Use scholarly sources to support your answers.

Reference no: EM1323661


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