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1. Express the following quantities using appropriate engineering notation (i.e., state the numeric to the nearest standard prefix).

a) 5.75 x 10^7


b) 1,500 x 10^-5 Henrys

c) 0.00075 Ohms

d) 0.29 x 10^-12 Farads

e) 7400 x 10^3 Hertz


2. The maximum power a device can dissipate is 0.25 (W). Find the maximum current allowed by the device power rating when the voltage across it is 3 (V).

3. For a given lithium ion battery, it can supply 0.85 ampere-hours, or 850 (mAh) with a constant output voltage of 3.6 (V). How much energy is stored in this lithium ion battery?

4. How much energy is imparted to an electron that flows through a 12 (V) battery from the positive terminal to the negative terminal?

5. For the following two parts, provide the four answers to each part

A) Specify the color code for the following resistors

a) 2.4 (k?) 5%

b) 4.7 (M?) 20%

c) 3.3 (k?) 5%

d) 1.5 (?) 10%

B) Specify the resistance range of the following resistors

a) Green-White-Blue

b) Yellow-Violet-Orange-Silver

c) Green-Blue-Red-Silver

d) Brown-Red-Red-Silver

Reference no: EM13225361


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