How might leaders use symbolic acts to strengthen a cultural

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In a Word document answer the following questions and/or problems.
All written material must be referenced. Be mindful to demonstrate critical thinking and analysis in answer.
Please label each of answers with chapter and number, so that I know the questions to which you are responding.

1. How difficult would it be for you as a leader to fire someone who is big sales and profits for the company but not living up to the cultural values? Explain.

2. How might leaders use symbolic acts to strengthen a cultural value of teamwork and collaboration? How about a value of customer care and responsiveness?

3. Describe the culture for an organization you are familier with. Identify some physical artifacts- such as logo, mascot, building, advertising images- associated with the company and discuss what underlying values these suggest. What did you learn?

4. Name one or two companies in the news that seem to have strong corporate cultures, and describe wwhether the result have been positive or negative. Discuss how a strong culture could have either positive or negative consequences for an organization.

5. As a leader, how might you recognize a culture gap? What techniques might you use to influence and change cultural values when necessary?

6. Compare and contrast the achievement culture with the involvement culture.

7. As a leader, how might you overcome your own felt resistance to a change from above and act as a role model for implementing the change?

8. HOW are Kotter's eight-stage framework for change and the Al method similar? How are they different? Explain.

9. Think of a problem situation you would like to change at work, school, or home and describe how vou would provide a positive emotional attractor for this change.

10. How could you increase the number of novel and useful solutions you can come up with to solve a problem?

11. Of the five elements that help people change (positive emotional attrartor, supportive relationships, repetition of new behaviors, participation and involvement, and after-action reviews), Which do you think leaders arc most likely to Overlook? Why?

Reference no: EM131143878

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