How medical conditions might mimic psychological disorders

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Can someone help me with an example of how medical conditions might mimic psychological disorders? I also have to explain two ways to minimize instances of misdiagnosing a medical condition as a psychological disorder. In addition, I have to explain what actions I might take within the scope of personal competency if I do suspect a medical condition and why.

I know that when diagnosing a client with a particular psychological pathology or disorder, it is essential to consider whether the client has a medical condition. At times, medical conditions may contribute to a person's psychological disorder. For example, someone who is premenopausal might experience mood swings or depression. To effectively treat a person, a psychologist must address both the medical and psychological aspects of their condition. With many factors to consider, psychologists must be careful to address the symptoms of disorder accurately. I know that a psychologist's personal scope of competency is related to a client's diagnosis and it is critical in order to effectively address other diagnostic factors to other providers.

Reference no: EM1356169

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