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Question 1 Two medications are used to treat a disease. One is appropriate 90% of the time, the other is appropriate just 10% of the time. Doctors tend to choose the appropriate medication 80% of the time. Out of 100 patients with this disease, how many will get an inappropriate medication?





2. Question 2

Which of the following is true, regarding the use of EHRs in US hospitals and doctor's offices?

A-There are only a handful of vendors making certified EHR systems for doctor's offices

B-Most US hospitals are using all the capabilities of their EHR (they have reached "Stage 7")

C-Canadian EHR adoption and implementation is far ahead of American healthcare

E-Federal incentives have spurred the adoption of EHR, in the US

F-One EHR vendor is approaching monopoly-like market share in US hospitals

3. Question 3

Which of the following health activities is NOT available, through many of today's patient portals?

A-Patients can view their medical history, allergies and medication list

B-Patients can request refills for a medication

C-Patients can request an appointment with their doctor

D-Patients can view and edit notes their doctor has written about them

E-Patients can review laboratory test results

4. Question 4

EHR-led patient portals are now more popular than patient-driven digital repositories. Which of the following is NOT a reason for the popularity of EHR patient portals?

A-EHR patient portals facilitate patients' requesting appointments or refilling prescriptions

B-EHR patient portals automatically aggregate a patient's medical data from facilities across the country

C-Doctors and healthcare systems frequently update EHR patient portals with new patient information

D-Healthcare institutions sought to enroll patients in their portals, to qualify for federal incentives

E-ED doctors rarely needed access to patient-driven digital repositories, when patients were unconscious

Reference no: EM132025084

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