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Q1. The oldest rocks on Earth date from about 4.2 billion years ago. What does this propose about the interval between 4.6 billion years ago, while the Earth started to form, and 4.2 billion years ago?

Q2. You also measure that half-life of the Winease catalyzed conversion is 10 sec. If you begin with 100mM of Lemonade, approximately how much Lemonade will stay after 100 sec?

Q3. A scientist conducts research on the sample of DNA that contains 200 nucleotides. Her results show that adenine makes up 30 percent of the sample and cytosine makes up 20 percent of the sample. The remaining 50 percent of the sample is made up of thymine and guanine. How many of nucleotides are thymine?

Reference no: EM136581


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