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A buyer discovered that 5% of the merchandise he received was damaged during shipping. The manufacturer agreed to replace the blouses. If he ordered 300 blouses, how many blouses needed to be replaced? Candybars were selling for $1.88 each. If 14 1/4 dozen bars were sold, what was the retail value of the sales? What is the dollar savings when a customer receives a 14 3/4% discount on a $959.00 couch? 4. Find the cost of 125 men's suits at $310.15 each and 14 dozen ties at $4.25 each.

Reference no: EM131057712

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The semi-strong form of market efficiency : Geothermal corporation issued a press release before the stock market opened announcing that its earnings are below last year’s earnings. Explain how each of the following individual scenarios could be consistent with the semi-strong form of market e..
What must be the expected annual cash flow : A project has an initial cost of $90,870, and promises to pay a fixed cash flow per year for 3 years. It has been determined that using a discount rate of 12.2 percent, its net present value is $134,961. What must be the expected annual cash flow?
Private cemetery business is looking up : The Xdiagnose Corporation wants to set up a private cemetery business. According to the CFO, Barry M. Deep, business is “looking up.” The project requires an initial investment of $2.4 million. If Xdiagnose requires a 13 percent return on such undert..
Current ratio-debt ration-return on assets-return on equity : current ratio; debt ration; return on assets; return on equity; and net profit margin. Are there similarities among the firms in each industry group? Please analyze, comment, and discuss.What is the difference between the expected return and the requ..
How many blouses needed to be replaced : A buyer discovered that 5% of the merchandise he received was damaged during shipping. The manufacturer agreed to replace the blouses. If he ordered 300 blouses, how many blouses needed to be replaced?
Is this investment economically satisfactory : Calculate Expected NPV for minimum ROR 10% on buying and drilling an oil lease with these estimated costs: The lease costs 150,000 dollars at time zero and drilling will start at year 1 with the cost of 300,000 dollars. There is 70% that well is a dr..
Calculate expected rate of return for this investment. : A research project would require initial investment of 100,000. There are three possible outcomes for this project: 30% probability that investment yields annual income of 35,000 for six year (starting from year 1 to year six) and zero salvage value...
Calculate the yield to call on this bond : Garnet & Gold (G&G) is the world’s largest publications firms. Four years ago G&G issued a $1,000 par value bond. The bond had the following characteristics: Calculate the yield to call on this bond.
Perform sensitivity analysis : Perform sensitivity analysis to analyze the effect of expenses on the project’s NPV and IRR. In your analysis, allow costs to vary between $0 and $100,000, in $5,000 increments. Use Goal Seek to find what level of expenses Lewis Industries needs to j..


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Complete the template SOA for your client, using the data in the case study, the fact finder and risk profile. You do not have to provide retirement planning calculations and recommendations.

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A 10-year maturity mortgage-backed bond is issued. The bond is a zero coupon bond that promises to pay $10,000 (par) after 10 years. At issue, bond market investors require a 15 percent interest rate on the bond. What is the initial price on the bond..

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Assume you short sell 300 share of the stock of EFG Corporation. Margin requirements are 60 percent. The price was $34 per share. One year later, the price of the stock is $35 per share. During that time, the company paid $0.75 per share in dividends..

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Describe the relationship between a corporation’s common stockholders its board of directors, and its chief executive officer(CEO)

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Assume you stock portfolio is comprised of: 60% of your total is in a computer company stock (that has a beta of 1.3, the risk-free rate is 5%, and the expected return on the market as a whole is 11%); and 40% of your total is in the petroleum compan..

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A stocks next 2 dividends are as follows: $0.25 and $1.00. After that, the stock is expected to grow at a rate of 4% indefinitely. The required return on this stock is 16%. Compute its fair market value.

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You have $34,211.54 in a brokerage account, and you plan to deposit an additional $4,000 at the end of every future year until your account totals $270,000. You expect to earn 10% annually on the account. How many years will it take to reach your goa..

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Company B does not slow back any earnings and is expected to produce a level dividend stream of $8 a share. If the current stock price is $65, what is the market capitalization rate?

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Assume that next year, we can have three possible states of world with the following probabilities of occurring: 20%, 45%, and 35%. The returns of an asset in each state are 18%, 5%, and -8%. What is the expected return for this asset?

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