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Canonical Correlation Analysis (308, number 4A)


There are several measures of correlation to express the relationship between two or more variables. For example, the standard Pearson product moment correlation coefficient (r) measures the extent to which two variables are related; there are various nonparametric measures of relationships that are based on the similarity of ranks in two variables; and multiple regression and correlation allows one to
assess the relationship between a dependent variable and a set of independent variables.

Canonical correlation analysis is an additional procedure for assessing the relationship between variables. Specifically, this analysis allows us to investigate the relationship between two sets of variables. For example, an educational researcher may want to compute the (simultaneous) relationship between three measures of scholastic ability with five measures of success in school. You will use canonical correlation analysis (CCA) procedures for this assignment.

Specific course competencies assessed by this assignment:

Apply multivariate correlation and regression analysis and structural procedures using SPSS to analyze research data.

Apply the APA style in writing the results section of a research report


Conduct a CCA by completing the tasks listed in the evaluation checklist using the univ dataset.


1. Download the SPSS univ dataset.
2. Using the univ dataset, answer the following research question:

How is a set of four community measures (i.e., classroom social community, classroom learning community, school social community, and school learning community) related to a set of three motivation measures (i.e., intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation, and amotivation)?

In order to respond to this research question, complete the tasks identified in the evaluation checklist below.

Organize your response around each of the tasks listed in the evaluation checklist (i.e., each checklist task should be a separate heading in your document).

Regardless of the results of your evaluation of assumptions, proceed using the full, unaltered dataset provided.

Evaluation Tasks

Provide informationally adequate descriptive statistics.

Identify the CCA hypothesis(es) in null form.

Describe the results of your evaluations of the CCA assumptions of multivariate normality and linearity.

Test your CCA null hypothis(es). Provide the results of all tests.

Conduct and provide the results of adequacy analysis. Interpret the results.

Conduct and provide the results of redundancy analysis. Interpret the results.

Write a parsimonious results section that draws from the information you provided in response to the tasks above and that conforms to APA style. Include as a minimum an APA style table.

Attachment:- Univ_data_for_Canonical_Correlation.rar

Reference no: EM132392801


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