How educators and administrators were able to incorporate

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For your initial post:

First, watch the video from Edutopia titled Smart Hearts: Social and Emotional Learning Overview (

Next, read the guest blog post on A Principal's Reflection on Student Driven Schools (

Then, watch the Edutopia classroom management video Classroom Management Video Tips for Teachers (, and read A Community of Learners: Building a Supporting Learning Environment ( and How to Provide Meaningful Support Services in a Virtual School: Robust Family Support (Part 1 of 4) (

Finally, watch the two Search Institute's videos on Sparks Matter: Finding Your Spark ( and Sparks Matter:

Listening for Sparks(

Identify at least three specific examples of how the educators and administrators were able to incorporate the developmental assets into their content courses and everyday school operations and at least three examples of where the educators could ‘go further' to identify and nurture ‘sparks.' Which methods resonated with you? Do you see any barriers to incorporating these strategies in your instructional setting or community?

Reference no: EM131161347


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