How does cyberpower change either nature or character of war

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"How does cyber-power change either the nature or character of war? Does it change it at all? Can cyber-power be decisive in war?"

In your post you should consider what the impact of cyber-power in war and how it has the potential to revolutionize certain aspects of war such as intelligence, command and control and destruction of infrastructure. What is the potential of cyber-power and how might it influence the conduct of war.

300 words Use the following as refernces

Libicki, Martin C., Cyberdeterrence and Cyberwar, RAND Report, Santa Monica: Rand Corp., 2009, 117-173 (57 pages)

Libicki, Martin C. "The Spectre of Non-Obvious Warfare." Strategic Studies Quarterly 6:3 (2012): 88 - 101. (13 pages)

Lin, Herbert. "Escalation Dynamics and Conflict Termination in Cyberspace." Strategic Studies Quarterly 6:3 (2012): 46 -70. (25 pages).

Reference no: EM131523878


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