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1.How are philosophical opinions justified? · How do philosophical questions differ from scientific or factual questions?

2.Describe the connection between the field of metaphysics and the field of epistemology. Why are these two fields often associated with one another in spite of the fact these fields are defined as two distinct philosophical areas of inquiry?

3.How did the approaches to philosophical inquiry progress from the Pre-Socratics to Socrates, Plato, and finally to Aristotle? How do these changing approaches reflect cultural influences that affected the philosophers of ancient Greece?

4.With which philosopher, discussed in Ch. 5-9 of the text, would you like to sit down to dinner? Why?

5.How does one prove, justify, or find evidence for what one knows?

6.How does one know anything with absolute certainty? Explain.

7.With which metaphysical philosopher do you most identify? Why? (Before you answer this question, make sure that the philosopher of your choice actually worked in metaphysics).

8.Is the scientific method the only legitimate way to investigate reality?

9.Can one logically believe both that God knows everything and that there is free will? Explain the difficulty.

10.In your opinion, what was a defining moment in history that significantly influenced the development of moral, social, and political philosophy? Why?

11.Do ethics come naturally to people or are they learned? Can ethical behavior be taught?

12.How do you think philosophical questions fit into a consideration of modern life? Is anyone area more important than another?

Reference no: EM13453642

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