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Case Outline:

As the newly appointed manager of Global Insurance Company, Eva Khan was trying to learn as much as possible about her new workplace. She was surprised to note the absence of the traditional health and safety bulleting board, and she asked her manager how health and safety information was being communicated to employees. "Are you kidding?" he replied. " This is an office. Our employees are mostly data-entry clerks. We don't have machines or equipment, why do we need a health and safety program?"

Your report will be evaluated on the quality of your ability to:

1. Identify the issues
• Identify the two main issues of this specific case.
• Lack of a Health and Safety board is obvious; please identify another two unique issues.

2. Analyze the issues
• Identify five possible causes/sources of the issues.

3. Develop solutions
• How could Eva approach these particular issues?
• Specifically, how could she respond to her manager appropriately?
Note: Please ensure that you provide inputs regarding how to approach
the situation, as well as specifics about her response in detail

4. Link to course readings and additional research
• Clearly cite your work and identify at least three separate sources with appropriate footnotes.
• Words that are not your own must be fully cited, APA format preferred but MLA is acceptable.

5. Style and format
• Write a report that is error free (spelling/grammar)
• Write a report that is concise (communication is clear and to the point)
• Write a report that is professional (formal register/ easy readability)

Reference no: EM13221414


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