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Find three scholarly sources on how Churchill's speech at World War Two was and how each of the three sources described tHe speech. And look at the paper attached to understand the assignment.

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For this Short Assignment.

First, find three scholarly sources that discuss the poem, speech, or text that your paper discusses. If you have trouble asks a librarian for help. He or she can show you how to use data bases to find journal articles or how you can find relevant book chapters in the library's collection.

Most of you will have no problem finding three sources. Therefore, narrow down to three by finding one's that have a similar focus to your own focus. For example if you wrote on Lincoln's Letter to Mrs. Bixby, select that article that talks about Lincoln's persuasion techniques rather than about whether or not Lincoln or his secretary wrote the letter.

For the short assignment, give a bibliographic listing of the three sources. Then compose a paragraph on each. Let the first sentence of the paragraph summarize the source's argument. Let the remainder of the paragraph note the ways in which the source agrees and disagrees with your case. If there is complete agreement, please note other differences. For example, if the source argues that Lincoln makes a strong case to persuade Mrs. Bixby to be consoled and so did you, then identify a small difference, such as my essay focused on the second sentence to prove this argument while the source focused on the first sentence and the last paragraph.

In addition to the three bibliographical entries and 3 paragraphs, also in a separate part of the short assignment, make a list of 5 dead metaphors or similes that you have thought up (do not use the internet or other resources). Dead metaphors are comparisons that are so overused that they have lost their energy. For example, so as an ox is a dead metaphor.

Reference no: EM131032656


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