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According to the research, do you think that the learning techniques proposed in this discussion is appropriate for the Hispanic ethnic group? Explain your reasoning.

The application of the learning theory may greatly vary depending upon cultural beliefs and values of various groups. The family is where children learn how to socialize in many different situations, whether or not the learned behavior is intentional or not. Other areas of learning come from various environments and people that children interact with (teachers, church members, neighbors, etc).

Culturally speaking, the Hispanic population has some aspects that affect the population. Children can learn how to be affectionate, considerate, fun-loving, and responsible. But they can also learn how to be selfish, spoiled, and inconsiderate. Many Hispanics use the Modeling behavior to show their children how to proceed in life. As a culture, they are a very close family, not only the nuclear family, but extended family members as well.

Hispanics typically follow a way of life that the father is the head of the household, and the mother does the cooking, cleaning, and rearing of children. Most Hispanics feel that due to difficult educational resources their culture, as a whole, is mostly blue collar workers. Very devout, many Hispanics are of the Catholic faith, and believe that God comes first, and family second.

They tend to use social reinforcement as a way to show the younger generations how to behave. In public they are well dressed and put together (hair, jewelry, make-up, etc). They attend church and take care of their family. Getting together for celebrations frequently is part of their culture, as well as taking care of multi-generations. This learning technique allows for the younger generation to quickly learn how to behave appropriately in public and at home by seeing it modeled daily.

Reference no: EM1360248

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