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Complete each of the following tasks below.

Professor Arkins wants an application that allows him to assign a grade to any number of students. Each student’s grade is based on three test scores, with each test worth 100 points. The application should total the test scores and then assign the appropriate grade using the information shown in Figure 6-38. Open the Grade Calculator Solution (Grade Calculator Solution.sln)? le contained in the VB2010\Chap06\Grade Calculator Solution folder. If necessary, open the designer window. Code the application. Save the solution and then start and test the application. Close the Code Editor window and then close the solution.

Refer to Figure 6-38 on page 373 for the grade information to complete this exercise

Total points earned             Grade

270-300                                A

240-269                                 B

210-239                                C

180-209                                D

below180                              F

Reference no: EM13256563

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