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Communication Blog: 1,000-1,200 words

Students are expected to engage with the course material and each other in this task. Specifically, you will:

1. Set up a blog in your own name on a blog program such as Blogger www.blogger.com/ or WordPress www.wordpress.com (you may use an existing blog as long as it is suitable to post academic work).

2. Post the URL link of your blog in the Blog Discussion Forum by or before the end of Week 4. You should invite reviews from your fellow students as well as offering your review of at least three other student blogs. The Course Co-ordinator will monitor both the blogs and the reviews, providing feedback as necessary.

3. Write FOUR (4) posts (250 words min. - 300 words max. for each post) and upload these to your blog. Posts (discussions) should be illustrated with a variety of communication media (e.g.. written text, links to newspaper articles, photographs, diagrams, audio, gifs, video etc.)

4. Your blog should respond (in total) to any four of these headings:

• The future of professional communication.
• Audience differences.
• How to remove message 'Noise'.
• Why modern managers need to be information-savvy.
• Why should planning be logical?
• Common misunderstandings in contemporary communication.
• How to overcome key problems in live presentations.
• Non-verbal communication in facial expressions.
• How to negotiate with strangers.
• Ethics and the sharing of private information.
• Contemporary options for saving and protecting your data.

5. At least one of the four posts must include a 2-minute self-recorded audio element (either downloaded from your phone, Power/Point slides with voiceover, a self-recorded YouTube video or similar content).

6. Each post should have at least two information sources (references) one of which should be a relevant journal article from the Library database.

Reference no: EM13936630

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