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1. What is the function of resources and leadership roles in IT management?

2. What types of software and software trends are relevant to managers?

3. Differentiate between a two-tier client/server system and a three-tier client/server system. Why would a firm choose one of these approaches over the other when implementing a client/server system?

4. Explain both data warehousing and data mining. How are they related? List at least two techniques (decision technologies) that are used in data mining.

5. What are the criteria that should be applied when choosing among candidate application software packages?

6. What conditions and methods improve the chances that offshore outsourcing of systems development will be successful?

7. Describe the role of the vendor for each of the three phases of the purchasing life cycle.

8. What is the major trade-offs in a make-or-buy decision?

9. What are some of the global IS management challenges that face IS leaders today?

10. What is the specific purpose of an acceptable use policy?

11. What information security issues does electronic records management address?

12. What types of mechanisms can be used to help increase collaboration across business and IS leaders?

13. Although the practice of collecting data on individuals by the U.S. government might invade individual privacy, many companies use IT to measure the quality and quantity of an employee's work. Discuss the ethical implications of this practice.

14. What is meant by the term identity theft? What can happen to a person who is the victim of identity theft?

Reference no: EM135180

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